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Wow hello! Happy April Fool's Day! Time for an update!

I've been trying to write, but life has been kind of hectic. Mostly tests, studying for tests, preparing for tests, and more tests. I'm sure none of you particularly miss junior year of high school. Ugh. 

I got a little blocked up on SitS this month, so I shifted my focus to my bingo card for a month and have managed to write roughly 7k of solid wingfic. I told myself I'd just write little drabbles for bingo, why have I done this (WHYYY??)? But it's actually coming along quite nicely. I think I made it so involved because I've secretly always wanted to write a wingfic. I'm nowhere near done, but I have the rest of the story in mind, so all that's left is to write it. I'm at an awkward point where I can envision the end, but I'm still unsure how to string together the last several plot points in a way that makes sense.

I still feel terrible about not putting out any content for over a month. I promised people I would try to have SitS Chapter 5 up by yesterday, but I haven't even written it yet. And I was hoping to at least complete wingfic by that time as well, but I didn't achieve that, either. :(  So in short, I've got writer's block on all fronts at the moment, but I think I will get over this hump very soon. It's not all-encompassing. 

I also started a new art project recently, which is exciting for me! My offer still stands for BBB or any fic, really: I am willing to team up with people to make art for your fic. I love doing it, so it's mutually beneficial. I hope to get enlisted for BBB sooner rather than later so I have more time to plan my complement art. Shoot me a message on twitter (@starrymellie) or whatever, I don't bite! And my art instagram is @incubusbites. :^)

Thats it! Have a great day, lovelies!! <3


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